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we dream.

Photography is both our profession as well as passion. We opted this journey because we believe in excellence and hence create and deliver you the best photographs and videos. We create photos and videos according to your choice and desire.

we create.

First Frame Studio has completed 6 years and is well established and repudiated photography studio. We dream to take it to the success of zenith by our hard work, passion and excellence. We dream to bring smile on the faces with our work.

we care.

We are a team of professionals and everyone is excellent in different fields but one similarity among us is our care and concern for our client. We try our best to meet our client’s expectations and demands.

about us

First Frame Studio started its journey in 2014. We started our work with some friends who were in photography and videography. We did it as a part of our hobby and started shooting weddings and events of our friends and relatives. This hobby turned into profession when our work received love and appreciation. The appraisal boosted us and now here we are with a big team of 20 members who are professionally excellent, creative and best in their field. We cover all types of events, weddings, pre wedding, destination wedding, kid’s photoshoot, portfolios, fashion shoots and all types of commercial photography. For further enquiries and details, please contact us.

Earlier, we had only one branch of our studio in Delhi and with God’s grace and love of our clients we have opened two more branches. These three branches are in Greater Kailash, Gurugram & opening soon at Dwarka.

First Frame Studio has earned its name and establishment with the quality work provided to their clients. For us, our work is our first priority to which we are hundred percent honest. The best part of our First Frame family is that our members are both professionally and personally, an asset to the clients. Get the best photography services in your town and also give us the opportunity to make your weddings and events more scintillating.

our team

Kush Chauhan
Founder & MD
Kush is a Visionary Business Entrepreneur & The Founder of one of the Famous Cinematographic & Photographic studios in Delhi. He believes in Dreaming Big in life. With a Go-getter attitude Kush has managed to cater top Celebs and Corporates looking for vivid & memorable events in Personal and Professional life. With a Vision of Expansion, He currently stands as the Owner of Company called DREAM BIG GLOBAL Pvt. Ltd. which has 4 Subsidiaries catering to different segment of Market to give customized experience to the Clients.
Deepak Dagar
Co-Founder & MD
Deepak, a Co-Founder and Chief Technologist of our organization, stands out for his Sheer will and extremely humble attitude. He brings the qualities of self-motivation and complete dedication. He makes sure going an extra mile in handling activities ranging from social media and marketing requisite to Technological upgradation of the organization. He is a founding pillar to the success of our organization with a vision of reaching Global in home of each and every person who has love to capture memories.
Ajay Gulati
Chief Photographer
Ajay is our Senior Photographer who leads Traditional Photography. He ensures that you and your entourage embody perfection on your special occasion. He captures photos to make your moments as memorable as they ought to be and guarentees the best clicks and captures. He also leads all teams in most the shoots with full dedication and passion. He also leads all teams in most the shoots with full dedication and passion. His maturity and humility reflects in the work and makes him a holistic personality to take the lead in every stint.
Ramneet Singh
Managing Director
Meet Ramneet, an earnest and efficient member of our studio! Our clients are always on his priority list, be it attending to their queries, or ensuring the smooth execution when it comes to business. With the right amount of patience and knowledge in the field of customer relations and business execution, Ramneet provides a positive experience not only for our clients but also for maintaining a rapport with the team.
Manish Dagar
Cinematic Editor
Manish is one of our senior most team members who is a genius at video editing. The work he produces is inspirational across several levels. He can ascertain a client’s need and produces videos that get an instant approval from the client. His experimental ways always pay off and he edits the video to perfection. He never has to rework anything he does!
Sushant Bhardwaj
Cinematographer & Editor
Sushant, An Ace Cinematographer and editor, who is known for delivering the best Client experience. With a multiple years of experience, he has clarity and planning which makes him ranked as a top Cinematographer who brings in experience not in terms of quantity but quality. His professional outlook and mature sense of handling the client makes him most wanted Shooting star amongst our clients. He is known for his knowledge of building a complete comprehensive plan before taking any task and make it deliver meeting the deadlines.
Sunita Bisht
Graphic Designer & Editor
Meet Sunita Bisht, a hardworking relentless spirit who's core strength is working under immense pressure. Creative and able to translate ideas in design, quick and prompt. Sunita is full of positivity. She is One of the best asset of our organization contributing Value addition in the life of our clients through her professional attributes. Building strong relationships and communication with her peers.
Winnesa Rozario
Content Writer and Social Media Specialist
Meet Winnesa, with a keen eye for aesthetics and a good command of language she excels at writing content for our websites and other social media handles effortlessly. Be it handling our social media, designing graphics for various purposes, or assisting the founder in day-to-day miscellaneous tasks, Winnesa proves to be a multitasker! Her positive attitude towards any work given in hand is what we appreciate when it comes to her role in our studio.
Sheetal Bhardwaj
Graphic Designer & Video Editor
Meet Sheetal, with a valuable and considerate experience in graphic designing, she makes it her responsibility to deliver excellence when it comes to editing a short movie or even pictures for that matter. You will see her work portraying just the exact amount of emotions our clients expect from us. Sheetal in our team is into Album designing as well. Her knowledge is not limited to designing but a Tech-savvy who keeps herself updated with latest software for giving best experience to her clients. Her sweet nature and positive vibes are what we appreciate in our studio.
Cinematographer & Editor
Prince, the team member with his contagious smile, never fails to induce a positive and happy vibe at all times. He comes from the most famous career switch, from computer screens to being a cinematographer, with his love for cameras unchanged. Remaining in constant touch with the artform.
Brij Mohan
Graphic Designer
Meet Brijmohan, one of our multi-skilled team members with an experience of over 12+ years! He devotes himself to any task he performs and makes sure to give out his best. Be it designing albums, editing pictures coordinating with our clients, he does a fantastic job meeting deadlines and maintaining his work ethic. As calm as the ocean, his commitment to work is what we value in our studio.
Arush Sharma
Cinematographer & Editor
Arush hails from a background of motion designer, with good experience, he is skilled in video editing, Motion Designing and Cinematography. With a talent and maturity in his pursuits, he handles the toughest tasks with easiest approach. He has worked as Freelancer in his earlier stints. With a growth oriented thinking and thirst for learning new skills, he stands out as one of the best in his league.
Sachin Kumar
Cinematographer & Editor
Sachin, a professional cinematographer has an excellent observation for minute details in a cinematography. He joined us with good experience of cinematography. He is buzzy bee of the company believes in self-improvement and independent task management, Eager to learn, inquisitive about things related to his field.
Sumeet Singh
Cinematographer & Editor
Sumeet, a professional cinematographer who is Joined us as a Fresher and now Joined the league of top Cinematographer in our organization. Businessman Turned Cinematographer who has honor for other’s money and time and always strive for perfection in his all projects he handles.
Sajjan Kamat
Care Taker
From being our In-house chef to being a back-end support for the team. He comes in handy to deliver Food-Fuel for the team to keep the best performance with focus and dedication be it inside the studio or on shoot.


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